Restaurant iPad Kitchen Display System

Dinlr KDS

iPad Kitchen Display System

Orders placed on any Dinlr solutions are automatically sent to the kitchen display in the kitchen as oppose to physical kitchen printer that prints receipts.

Manage Incoming Orders Effectively.

Empower your kitchen staffs and servers to manage incoming orders more efficiently.

Mode 1 - Kitchen Display

Your kitchen staffs can refer to the kitchen display for order tickets and mark them when the item is ready to be served.

Dinlr KDS wall mount

Mode 2 - Expeditor Display

Expeditor display allow your servers to see which items are ready to be served or still awaiting completion from the kitchen. Your servers can then mark the item as served when the item has been served to the customer.

Dinlr EDS mount

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Dinlr KDS

Dinlr Kitchen Display System KDS iPad

1 Location. Per Device.

S$ 19 / MO
Billed in SGD annually

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