Restaurant Reservation System

Dinlr Reservation

Direct Restaurant Reservations System

For restaurant reservations, direct is the best. Dinlr Reservation let customers make reservation online 24/7 and we will send automatic reservation reminders via SMS and/or email, so you can focus doing more of what you love, serving foods.

Regain Control Of Your Reservations.

Effortlessly manage reservations, set policies, and track bookings. Never miss a reservation again with our restaurant reservation system.

Reservation System

Easy-to-use reservation system equipped with all the tools you need to make plans in advance, make changes on the fly, and manage everyday service.

Walk-In Waitlist

Allow guests to secure a place in line without making a reservation. They can view the number of parties ahead, so they know exactly where they stand.

Reservation Channels

Guests can make reservation online through your website or other digital properties.



Dinlr Reservation

Dinlr Reservation


1950 / 月
每年費用 NT


14天無風險免費試用。 不需要信用卡。